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Small Business

Streamline your process without sacrificing flexibility.

Built-in automation of time-consuming administration tasks frees you up to work closer with clients and reach your business objectives while increasing revenue.

to Win
Compete to Win
Enhance the
Customer Experience
Enhance the Customer Experience
Integrate the
Credit Process
Integrate the Credit Process
Data Integrity
Improve Data Integrity
Where creativity meets efficiency.

We understand how vital it is for small business lenders to have the flexibility they need to meet customer demands without having to sacrifice efficiency. With AFSVision, you can have both, and more. 

AFSVision provides the revenue, efficiency, and data quality benefits that come from a single, streamlined, straight-through loan lifecycle process. You focus on helping your customers, and AFSVision will make sure you remain competitive in today’s markets.

AFSVision has the flexibility to enable you to be creative in meeting customer needs by setting your goals and loan parameters within the system while streamlining, tracking, and controlling the entire small business loan process. AFSVision automates information gathering, credit bureau retrieval, credit scoring, decisioning, underwriting, document preparation, and loan booking tasks.

Post booking, the AFS straight-through process reduces ongoing servicing costs by automating or facilitating invoicing, payment application, payoff processing, offset entries, customer information lookups, data file maintenance, processing speed, and regulatory reporting.

AFS also eases the reporting tasks associated with the Small Business Association (SBA). For example, the AFS SBA solution includes automatic 1502 reporting with full back-dating.

Discover for yourself the transformative power that AFS brings to small business portfolios.