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Commercial Real Estate

The right tools for CRE lending.

AFSVision has to the tools necessary to manage the intense data requirements of CRE lending. Our digitally enabled, straight-through credit processing captures all the information required to gain the clarity and transparency you need.

to Win
Compete to Win
Enhance the
Customer Experience
Enhance the Customer Experience
Integrate the
Credit Process
Integrate the Credit Process
Data Integrity
Improve Data Integrity
Manage data more easily.

Commercial Real Estate is a data-driven line of business, requiring a solution that can easily and efficiently process all the information you need to manage your CRE loans. AFSVision has the built-in capability to unify all relevant information needed about real estate.

"The real-time assessment, calculation, and notice of change on collateral helps us make decisions faster to better serve our customers and grow our business."

The solution captures the characteristics of the loan and the essential real estate information, in the same file, creating a comprehensive view of the relationship:

  • Appraisals
  • Filings
  • Inspection Reports
  • Environmental studies
  • Additional Collateral
  • Guarantor Information
  • Underwriting Memos
And more

AFSVision combines the ability to capture risk ratings with an automated process that determines the approval authorization required, providing the only straight-through approach to commercial real estate lending available today.

AFSVision automates the CRE origination process with workflow management customized to reflect and monitor your policies and procedures for loan approval and booking. Additionally, AFSVision provides construction lending functionality to track every aspect of a construction loan portfolio, from approval to disbursement. It allows you to manage all the details of the deal—from tracking commitments, third parties, and equity interests to monitoring the construction process and loan/payment cycles.

AFSVision provides the most functionally rich loan servicing capabilities on the market, efficiently supporting and reporting on virtually any type of real estate loan. The solution identifies loans for securitization based on specified criteria, pools them, and executes the transfer of the loans and all related notifications. As an all-in-one CRE servicer, AFSVision also provides functionality for LTV valuations and anchor tenant exposures for real estate investors, escrow, construction lending, and CRE renewals.

Knowing that real-time information within the CRE line of business is crucial, AFSVision delivers web-based, real-time, online access to account status for superior customer care, which also supports portfolio, managerial, and regulatory reporting needs.

Learn more about how AFSVision helps lenders to comply with current and future regulatory standards.