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Commercial Lending

Innovative commercial lending.

AFS has innovated the field of commercial lending with AFSVision, the digital, real-time, multicurrency, straight-through processing solution that supports all lending lines of business.

to Win
Compete to Win
Enhance the
Customer Experience
Enhance the Customer Experience
Integrate the
Credit Process
Integrate the Credit Process
Data Integrity
Improve Data Integrity
Innovative line of business support.

Over our more than 45-year history in the financial services industry, AFS has pioneered the automation of the commercial lending portfolio, offering a complete solution that encompasses:

  • Wholesale
  • Middle Market
  • Small Business
  • Commercial Real Estate (CRE)
  • Construction
  • Asset-Based Lending
  • Capital Markets

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AFS has innovated a truly integrated approach to these lines of business with AFSVision and augmented those capabilities with the only benchmarking data reflecting a million-loan database of a trillion dollars in outstandings.

Through our premier commercial lending solution, AFSVision, we offer real-time, multicurrency, straight-through processing support across your lending lines of business. The straight-through process approach services the widest array of products on one solution, a foundation that enables the most insightful benchmarking analytics available to both quantify and qualify results. This fullly ditigal solution represents a major change in how commercial loan processing can be automated, while providing major benefits in efficiencies, exposures, costs, and uplifts in revenue.

Value and insight. Commercial credit process capabilities and the wisdom concerning how to best benefit from them. All available from AFS. And only AFS.

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