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What's Important to You

Data Integrity

How confident are you about the integrity of your data?
The need for accurate, complete and timely data is crucial to making well thought-out strategic decisions. AFS has the solutions and services critical to ensuring enterprise-wide data quality, and giving you insight on how your data quality measures up to your peers.

Reduce the number of potential points of error by eliminating touch points with AFSVision’s loan accounting solution, offering once-and-done data entry, built-in workflows and role-based security.

Worried about how your data is affecting risk and regulatory compliance? AFS Business Intelligence offerings can give you a clearer picture of where you are, and where you need to be, with the RMA/AFS Risk Analysis Service and RMA/AFS CCAR Benchmarking Program.

Take the guess work out of data integrity with AFSVision and AFS Business Intelligence.

Integrate the Credit Process

Everything you need to integrate your credit process – all on one platform.
Progressive, innovative banks understand the need for an integrated approach to the credit lifecycle. Every aspect of your credit and loan business depends on how efficient, complete, timely and accurate your information is throughout the loan lifecycle. Most financial institutions (or lenders) rely on a complex and risk-laden patchwork of solutions to get them through the process, resulting in data entry errors, imperfect integrations, delays in reporting, revenue loss and a poor customer experience.

AFS has a better way, the only system in the industry that truly provides workflows, reporting tools, role-based security, and an enterprise-wide outlook all on ONE platform, out of the box, ready for your needs today and ready to evolve at your speed of business—AFSVision.

AFSVision provides a real-time, straight-through processing loan accounting platform that streamlines the entire commercial lending process, all on ONE system, from origination through servicing, reporting and beyond.

Find out how an integrated process with AFSVision eliminates errors, increases operational efficiencies, improves risk controls, ensures data integrity, and increases your bottom line—all while leading to a better customer experience.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Your customers are your success.
Today’s landscape requires a “customer first” approach. Meeting customer demands means being able to make quicker loan decisions that meet their expectations while hastening revenue to your bottom line.

With AFSVision and AFS Business Intelligence, you will have the data needed to continually direct capacity, understand approval turn times, and manage the productivity of your commercial credit process. Reliable data and market intelligence enables faster response times and better business decisions.

AFSVision’s automated process efficiencies and control, coupled with AFS Business Intelligence’s in-depth market data, allow you to focus on your customers while generating targeted business.

Keeping your customers with your service happy is vital to your success. AFS has the tools to ensure their positive experience, and your positive growth.

Compete to Win

AFS provides the competitive advantage.
AFS can help you gain a competitive advantage, enjoy a low-risk/high-return speed to market, enhance your customers’ experience, manage risk, and boost profitability—all without sacrificing growth.

How? With the industry’s only straight-through processing platform, AFSVision, designed with tools that naturally control costs, mitigate risk, increase revenue, improve data quality, and address regulatory concerns. Combine AFSVision with AFS Business Intelligence services and manage your pricing with real-time data, leverage peer information for better capital planning, and rate your risk profile against the industry.

AFSVision and AFS Business Intelligence offer the tools and insights you need to gain the competitive edge. Find out how we can help you compete to win.

Maximize your Profitability

Manage your profitability with real-time data and ongoing market feedback.
Maximizing profitability requires efficiency, better capital planning, stronger reporting, and in-depth knowledge of industry trends for strategic planning. AFS provides market-driven solutions that cover all that and more.

AFSVision delivers on the promises of increased efficiency and planning with real-time processing, loan and collateral servicing, multilingual and multicurrency capabilities, all with an enterprise-wide approach to commercial lending.

And for insights that will help you make the best business decisions without sacrificing the competitive advantage, AFS offers Pricing Services that let you manage pricing with real-time data and ongoing market feedback.

Combine the increased efficiency and improved information of AFSVision with the key insights of AFS Pricing Services and see how quickly you can maximize your profitability.

Control Risk

Regulatory pressures, the need for control, gain the insight you need to mitigate risk.
Your institution’s risk level is under extreme scrutiny and forms the foundation of your regulatory and strategic decisions that can effect you for years to come. AFS can help show you where you stand and what steps you need to take, with services that provide an accurate, detailed understanding of your institution’s risk level in relation to the industry.

AFS Business Intelligence services are among the industry’s only comprehensive information standard for credit risk benchmarking. We can provide an in-depth analysis of your portfolio, benchmarked against peers, to empower your business strategy with confidence while satisfying regulators, boards of directors, and investors as they seek to understand where your institution’s levels of risk are in relation to the industry.

AFS can help you understand your level of risk to manage and mitigate potential problems before they impact your reputation and bottom line.

Assure Regulatory Compliance

Whatever the requirements, AFS has you covered.
With more than 45 years in the industry, AFS has a proven track record of knowing and responding to the latest in U.S. and Global regulatory requirements. Whether you are a large community bank, a domestic CCAR bank, or a GSIB, AFS has you covered, whatever your safety and soundness and regulatory reporting requirements may be. 

Regulatory compliance is critical to maintaining your ability to compete effectively. With data and reporting requirements constantly evolving institutions require rules-based workflow governance and strong risk management policies, processes, and procedures.

With AFSVision, you benefit from the built-in data validation, control, and reporting capabilities you need to track and report data with a confidence that can stand up to the highest levels of regulatory scrutiny in the world.

When it comes to Business Intelligence, no one knows more than AFS on how to analyze, benchmark, and help you improve the quality of your lending data. From our annual RMA/AFS Survey on Commercial Data Quality, to our RMA/AFS CCAR Data Quality Benchmarking Program, AFS equips you with valuable insights into how your bank stacks up against the competition, strategies for improvement, and ongoing monitoring and reporting to ensure accountability and the realization of your quality improvement goals.

Take the stress out of regulatory compliance and be confident in your data and reporting with AFSVision and AFS Business Intelligence.