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Fast tracking of high-quality commercial loans…the AFS way.

AFSVision’s automated, straight-through processing encompasses the entire credit lifecycle, from origination through servicing.

The credit and loan lifecycle begins at origination. And so does our automation.

AFSVision enables the continuous evaluation of your strategies and policies, across numerous lines of business. The solution includes automated tools to enable you to speed the process of every step in the credit lifecycle.

"With AFSVision, I can access all of the information I need from anywhere, at anytime—whether I’m at my desk, on my laptop, tablet, or phone.”

AFSVision ensures the flexibility to encompass the widest array of lending lines of business. The result is a straight-through, integrated method of collecting, verifying, and presenting all information needed for sound decision making at arguably the most crucial point in the process: origination.

Improve efficiency, data integrity and the customer experience with AFSVision.


AFSVision’s streamlined, automated origination tools efficiently capture all relevant origination data into an electronic form to be used to analyze, approve, document, capture, fund, and book loans to the loan accounting system and move all information captured forward to the rest of the system using AFSVision’s unique straight-through processing model.

Capturing and entering all information once greatly reduces the approval cycle, ensures data integrity, and improves your efficiency. Relationship managers, credit analysts, administrative support personnel, operations personnel, managers, and executives use the AFSVision platform to collaborate effectively, enabling transactions to close more quickly and at a lower cost.

AFSVision, where your best practices meet ours.

AFSVision provides accountability by building Bank policy into daily processes that are systematically monitored, and improves compliance by enforcing consistency in lending and approvals. Loans are monitored from the first point of origin through the entire flow.
The AFSVision approach to origination combines your proprietary way of approving credits with our ongoing exposure and interaction with best practices in terms of:

  • Control
  • Data Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Accuracy 

AFSVision boosts your data quality, enables you to generate more revenue, cut costs, reduce risk, gain transparency, and properly allocate your capital, from the very first step in the process.