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Stay Secure

Stay secure with AFS.

No matter how you deploy AFSVision, our services and technology come with the best-in-class security safeguards and oversight.

Your path to growth is secure with AFS because we look beyond compliance.

With AFS, you can be assured that our solutions never compromise on security. Believing that the protection of sensitive data is essential to the success of our clients, we provide the flexibility, functionality, and high level of service you’d expect from an industry leader without compromising the industry-standard Confidentiality Integrity Availability (CIA) triad.

We go beyond a view of simply being “compliant,” focusing on a security program that protects our clients’ data through:




  • Client-focused data protection
  • Security controls placed as close as possible to the data
  • Logical/role-based encryption limiting privileged user risk (least privileged access)
  • Data masking capabilities
  • Access transparency through security tool integration
  • The deployment of extensive financial regulatory oversight controls
  • Secure connectivity and processing platforms
  • Providing comprehensive safeguards and AFS/client log-in integration
  • And more

Vital assurance of security through sound internal control and industry oversight.

AFS follows a robust security assurance program to ensure we provide the highest level of security to our clients with “vital assurance to our clients of effective sound internal controls.” We undertake vigorous security reviews and tests to make sure we aren’t just compliant today, but stay ahead of the next major concern.

Our Annual Activities



Secure in our Hosted Private Cloud with IBM.

Cyber security is a top concern in the financial industry, which is why AFS uses the  IBM Cloud Managed Services on z Systems, a cloud environment known not only for is scalability, but its security-rich processing capabilities. Coupled with IBM business continuity and resiliency services that provide an alternative site recovery solution in the unlikely event of a disruption, AFS has the tools in place to ensure our hosted private cloud offerings are always available, securely.

Providing in-depth defense against today’s biggest threats.

AFS uses the latest in cyber security defense technology to ensure even more in-depth security to protect against today’s biggest threats, and stay ahead of tomorrow’s. We use the highest level of threat response methods and technology to ensure our systems will never be susceptible to any cyber threat actors.

With AFS, you’ll feel secure, because we are secure.