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Getting Started

Get started on your journey to AFSVision.

Your tailored journey to growth with AFSVision starts here.

Let’s get started!

Whether you are seeking a solution to answer a specific business goal or a full credit lifecycle solution, AFS will tailor your path to AFSVision to meet your specific needs today while providing the building blocks for future scalability.

We provide options for more effective and efficient deliveries, speeding your momentum toward transformation and growth.


We offer a proof of concept.

Starting your AFSVision Delivery journey begins with setting up AFSVision in our own hosted environment in a Proof of Concept phase that:

• Establishes basic “valid values” based on your requirements
• Identifies test case scenarios specific to your institution
• Provides time for your people to gain “hands on experience” using your test cases
• Offers “real world” proof of the value AFSVision can provide

Envisioning the impact of any project can be challenging – we provide proof that your concept will work for your bank in the “real world” before you dedicate precious capital and resources to make it happen.

The path to AFSVision starts with your priorities.

We know that every bank’s growth path is unique, based on your institution’s specific business priorities and objectives. That’s why the AFSVision delivery isn’t “one size fits all.” We’ll work with you to build a solution, and delivery schedule, specifically tailored for you.

The building blocks to the solution you need—today and tomorrow.

Whether you are a current AFS Level III™ client or migrating from another system, AFS has the agile, focused, and proven delivery approach that allows for ease of entry to AFSVision. We’ll addresses your current pain points and priorities while providing the building blocks for future growth—all with an experienced partner committed to ensuring you achieve the highest value with the least amount of risk.

A phased approach to growth.

After assessing your bank’s specific needs and objectives, we’ll work with you to provide an enterprise-ready platform in a phased deployment on a delivery schedule to suit your business needs. You’ll begin with the functionality you need to address immediate growth goals or pain points, and then add functionality as your priorities and business evolves.

The benefits of a phased approach:
• Execution in phases does not disrupt momentum and eliminates core business disruptions
• Phased deployment builds operating leverage and mitigates execution risk, leading to successful implementations
• Future phases capitalize on existing employee knowledge and prior phase deployment experience
• Each phase delivers value and enables new revenue

Realize tangible value and a return on investment that will continue to grow as you do—quickly and more easily with AFS.