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Business Intelligence / Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio Analytics

Reduce your risk by identifying issues sooner.

AFS provides you with the tools and information required to better define and meet your strategic credit objectives.

Much in the same way as a control room continually monitors the activities within a power plant, enabling quick action to keep the generators running safely, AFS provides the information needed to control the credit delivery process.

AFS brings a new level of expertise and transparency to reporting, unavailable anywhere else. Combined with access to an ongoing set of benchmarking and best-practice analytics drawn from a database of more than one million loans encompassing more than one trillion dollars from the top U.S. financial institutions, we offer a number of services to provide portfolio analytics and best-in-class benchmarking:

AFS Loan Origination Analytics

  • Measures the value of the portfolio in process in the AFS Originations system by the client’s organizational structures, industries, collateral groupings, products, etc.
  • Provides metrics on approval rates, turn times and pull-through rates
  • Measurement of turn times against bank targets provides the client opportunity cost potential

AFS Exception Management Reporting

  • Provides actionable reporting for continuous monitoring and resolution of document and policy exceptions.
  • Enables management to see exceptions across the organization, leading to overall process improvements.
  • Includes Document Exception Status, as well as reporting on Policy Exceptions.

AFS Portfolio Analysis Tools

  • Provides executive and managerial level information on balance trends, fees, usage and pricing by utilizing the banks’ specific organizational structures
  • Measures non-performing, concentrations, WARR and other risk-based statistics stratified by geography, deal size, product and industry to name just a few of the available segmentations
  • Capability to run lists of largest customers by exposure and outstandings

AFS Loan Officer Tools

  • Suite of reports processed daily, weekly and monthly that gives RMs and their managers access to view delinquent customer lists, customers expiring in next 90 days, customers with a risk rate change, etc.
  • Reports permit officers and their managers with statistics on usage rates
  • Reports include period-to-period changes in balances detailing why change occurred

See how AFS reporting can reduce your risk, and generate revenue. Contact AFS today.

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