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About AFS / What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

We have the experience, expertise and dedication to innovation you need to compete.

AFS builds lending processes based on its straight-through model and on-demand technology and services. But an AFS relationship means much more than just an implementation project or a review of functionalities.

AFS partners with its client base (the average AFS relationship with a bank is more than 20 years and involves multiple engagements of expanding scope) to ensure mutual benefit of both institutions. AFS offers advice, insight, and best-practice consultation, in addition to its unique lending solutions.

The combined deployment of the AFS lending solutions maximizes clients’ earning assets. Over our more than 45-year history, AFS has led the market by:

  • Remaining focused on the commercial lending lines of business
  • Proving, on a daily basis, our ability to deliver financial results
  • Touching nearly every top U.S. (and foreign-owned) bank in the commercial, small business, commercial real estate, construction, multifamily residential, and agricultural lending markets
  • Maintaining a reputation for having the most competitive and reliable systems and data quality services in the market, now in use at more than half of the top 40 U.S. banks; AFS processes over US$1 trillion in Commercial and Commercial Real Estate daily and the AFS hosted private cloud delivery, AFSCommerce, now processes over $260 billion in assets daily
  • Originating/servicing over 750,000 new loans annually on a Web-based platform
  • Supporting 25,000 loan officers with distributed, Web-based reporting
  • Managing 70 major bank consolidations over the past 5 years
  • Anticipating client requirements and delivering products when needed, as evidenced by recent AFS developments in compliance, real-time processing, and syndications
  • Customizing solutions to clients’ individual business models
  • Investing over 25% of annual revenues on product development and enhancements —more than any competitor—to maintain a market leadership position. Investments and product expansions include:
    • Originate to hold or sell strategy
    • Commercial real estate
    • Syndication (STP)
    • 100 informational dashboards
    • 50 product and workflow components
  • Completion and rollout of:
    • Real-time credit process and STP for all loan products serviced
    • Multilingual/multicurrency capabilities
  • Ongoing support for banks’ compliance needs that include:
    • CCAR
    • CECL
    • Dodd-Frank
    • Basel III
    • IFRS 9
  • Retaining over 350 of the country’s most knowledgeable and experienced loan professionals to solve client business issues and deliver value—average staff tenure of 20+ years with 10+ years of commercial Banking experience at Managing Director, Director and Manager level
  • Partnering with clients to create value through performance-based incentives
  • Outsourcing processing and delivery functions to free client staff for critical customer contact and shorten time to market
  • Providing leadership in managing change
  • Providing Business Intelligence with exclusive Benchmarking Services over the past 10 years that have supported the 50 top U.S. banks though opportunities that include:
    • Risk Analysis Service with RMA (credit quality and metrics)
    • Operational Benchmarking (cost, throughput and quality)
    • Capital Management Program (capital allocation in the credit process)
    • Commercial Loan Perspectives (monthly Market Practices Pricing Database)
    • RMA/AFS Annual Credit Data Quality Benchmarking Service
    • Newsletters that focus on regulatory issues, pricing, and other topics crucial to success in today’s business environment

With the kind of loyalty AFS enjoys, clearly we have a long history of customer satisfaction and partnership. Find out how we can partner with you.

Banking CIO Outlook

AFS deploys its knowledge and technology resources to solve bank problems, defined as broadly as need be. Since 1970, AFS has never stopped innovating, investing over 25% of annual revenues on product development and enhancements —more than any competitor—to maintain a market leadership position.
Our Locations
Corporate Office:

123 Summit Drive
Exton, PA 19341
+1 610 524 9300

EMEA Head Office:

Seidlgasse 22, Top 4,
1030 Vienna, Austria
+43 (1) 714 1009