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Our Clients

We build long-lasting partnerships, with the average AFS client relationship lasting 20 years or more.

Once clients gain insight and experience with AFS market-leadership—whether that exposure constitutes the benefit of an AFS solution for lending or participation in one of the AFS Client Engagement initiatives—they tend to not only maintain that relationship but expand it.

AFS has a market position that no competitor can approach:

  • More than 45 years of business insight
  • Solutions that use a straight-through credit process that nobody has matched
  • Drive to continuous improvement
  • 67% of the top 36 U.S. banks by asset size are AFS clients

Augmenting the AFS solution set are our ongoing meetings, workshops and seminars, which we use to keep abreast of the financial industry’s ever-changing landscape and the industry’s top concerns. These unique, ongoing Client Engagement initiatives include:

  • Regular webinars focusing on pricing trends and “hot topic” industry concerns throughout the year
  • Hosting workshops on risk, the credit process, CCAR, CECL, and other regulatory concerns for the market’s leading consortium of financial institutions and industry professionals to share their concerns and insights
  • The AFS Leadership Summit, our annual conference that brings together clients and the industry’s leading minds to focus on challenges surrounding the commercial lending and credit business, and to discuss solutions

AFS believes engaging our clients, listening to their concerns, and learning from their experiences ensures that our solutions remain aligned with real-word business challenges and provide real-value capabilities for our clients. And now, building on our own capabilities, as of May 2016 AFS has entered into a strategic partnership with Fiserv to bring our industry-leading solutions to an even greater number of banks and financial institutions.

It’s no wonder the average AFS client relationship lasts 20 years or more.

Why not join this esteemed group of forward-thinking institutions?


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Our Locations
Corporate Office:

123 Summit Drive
Exton, PA 19341
+1 610 524 9300

EMEA Head Office:

Seidlgasse 22, Top 4,
1030 Vienna, Austria
+43 (1) 714 1009

The combination of AFS industry knowledge with our unparalleled, fully integrated lending capabilities assures our clients the ability to execute their business models and leverage their capital.